Selfies with a twist

For our latest project, we were tasked with the unique challenge of capturing our individual passions and interests through the lens of a selfie. The goal was to take ordinary self-portraits and transform them into visual narratives that speak volumes about who we are and what we cherish. The subjects I chose to center my project around were butterflies, music, and traveling.

This ‘standard selfie’ shows that I like butterflies. I took this photo by projecting a picture of butterflies on my wall and standing in front of it.

This conceptual image of mine subtly hints at my love for music. I’ve crafted the phrase ‘lost in the melody’ using Scrabble tiles and scattered the remaining ones around to create this photo.

This is a ‘picture with text’ it shows I like sharks. I took this photo by projecting a picture of my favorite shark with a description of it.