Project Proposal

Vision proposal:

My vision for this project is to combine nature and abstract photography in an aesthetically pleasing way. When shooting abstract nature photography, you need to search deeper into nature. Abstract nature is about portraying natural subjects in unrecognizable ways. Abstract nature has no rulebook, it’s one of the best ways to express creativity as a photographer.

Research in choosing genre:

I chose these genres because I’m good at taking nature photos and wanted to give abstract photography a second chance.

Genre and style:

The genres I chose were nature and abstract. For the nature photos, I’m using selective colorization for the flowers, and for the insects and such, I’ll be using a saturated editing style. As for the abstract photos, they’ll also be saturated.



abstract painting

color layering

Editing and composure

Learning abstract photography


learning nature photography

Project design:

I’m going to have two sections each with eight different photos. For the nature second there will be some flowers with black and white backgrounds and some insects using macro lenses. For the abstract section there will be colorful abstract photos. In the caption of each photo, I will include the location and how I shot the image. On the image itself I will include the shutter speed, the iso, and the f stop.


At the end of the project, I will share the process of the project, where I shot the photos, and what I wish could’ve gone better.