Kaitrin's Photography
  • Light Table Project

    Our project required us to use a light table and translucent object to capture photos. Using these photos we had to chose five and upload them on this blog post.

  • Manual Mode Review

    In this project, we had to use manual mode to adjust aperture and shutter speed, taking three photos with -1, perfect, and +1 exposures. SHUTTER SPEED PRIORITY iso 3200, f/5.6, 1/2000s, -1 exposure 100 IOS, f/4.0, 1/125s, perfect exposure iso 1600, f/5.6, 1/800s, +1 exposure APERATURE PRIORITY ISO 100, F/ 5.0, 1/10s -1 exposure focus…

  • Portrait project

    For this project we had to take portraits using different subjects including directional lighting, soft light, reflector, framing to help emphasize the subject and environment, strong lighting, and using props

  • Manual mode project

    In this project, we were challenged to take seven pictures of 7 different prompts in manual mode. This allowed us to be creative with our photography and look at things from a different perspective.

  • Exposure: Nature

    In this project we had to focus on the difference in exposure between nature and silhouette photography. I chose to do nature photography because it’s easier for me to photograph nature.

  • Important of iso

    In this project, we are challenged to take pictures of one object using different iso. I learned that iso affects pictures that are taken inside differently than photos taken outside. While outside, you should use a lower iso than you do inside, or your images will be too bright. While inside, you should use a…

  • Shutter speed

    This class project challenged us to take 5 photos with different shutter speeds. Shutter speed affects how much light the camera takes in. The faster the speed, the less light, and the slower the speed, the more light. Depending on how fast or slow your shutter speed is can also affect how blurry or sharp…

  • The Importance of aperture

    Snapped 4 photos of 5 different things to explore how aperture affects images. Lower aperture equals blurrier images! These are pictures of leaves the top left one has a aperture of 3.5, the one on the top right has a aperture of 7.1, the one on the bottom left has a aperture of 11, and…

  • Life in color

    This project was to show life in color or through abstract. I chose to do life in color because I see a lot of color and it’s easier to capture.

  • Rules of composition scavenger hunt

    Went on a scavenger hunt around school, snapping photos using composition rules. Tried something risky too, not afraid to break rules!

  • Elements of photography

    Captured 11 photos around school to showcase photography elements like color, line, shapes. Despite the time crunch, it was a fun project!

  • Family Heritage

    Snapped photos capturing family heritage for this project. It was tricky, as we don’t have many traditions and I live with my grandparents. Music is a big thing in my family especially playing guitar. I took this photo to show the eye color variety that my family has. This is a picture of a frame…