Light Table Project

For this project we had to bring different translucent items to photograph and place them on a lightbox. By doing this we can learn how light affects objects by makes your photograph more creative with composition and color.  

F/8 ISO 720 27 mm 1/250 sec

In this photo I took a photograph of pages from a book overlapping each other. having the pages overlap creates depth to the photo and adds more shades and light to certain parts of the photo.

F/8 ISO 900 40 mm 1/125 sec

this photograph is a picture of a bible with only two verses standing out. to take this photo I put the light under one page of the bible and a strip of construction paper under the verse I wanted. by doing this the photo shows a focal point drawing the eye to the dark spot.

F/8 ISO 220 55 mm 1/250 sec

This image is a photo of a clear cup with texture. by creating this photo, I add different colors by the cup to make it pop. having the colors by the cup shows a reflection from the light to the cup giving it different colors throughout the image.

F/8 ISO 220 55 mm 1/250 sec

the container with the dropper shows how the lightbox works throughout objects. In this photo I used pages under the container to add color and a focal point. having the pages under the object limits how much light passes through.

F/8 ISO 200 55 mm 1/100 sec

The photograph is an image of hand sanitizer. having the bubbles in the container helps add depth of fields to the photo, while the light passes through. where more bubbles are located the darker the spot is.