Selfies with a Twist

For this Project we focused on selfies. I chose standard selfie, self-portrait with text, and conceptual. Each photograph describes the type of selfie I chose.


conceptual selfie is a self-portrait without you in the image using objects that represent you. In this image I used Pantings, instruments, the color purple and Butterflys which best describe me.

ISO 500, f/1.8, 1/8 sec

Selfie with text

This project I also used things that describe me, which is books. I used some of my favorite book titles and texts. by taking this photo I put printed papers of a book which is 1984 to make a text background. I then placed books on top the papers to add more colors.

ISO 200, f/25, 1/60 sec

Standard selfie

A standard selfie consists of just a regular selfie. I used my cat in this picture because it also shows something interesting about me.

ISO 2000, f/2.2, 1/15sec