Capstone Project Proposal

Vision and Strategy

In my approach to portrait photography, my vision revolves around capturing the essence and individuality of each subject. I strive to go beyond mere visual representation, delving into the intricacies of personality, emotions, and unique characteristics. My strategy involves establishing a comfortable and collaborative environment, fostering a connection with the individuals I photograph. By doing so, I aim to unveil authentic expressions and moments that tell a compelling story. I embrace both natural light and controlled settings, adapting techniques to suit the mood and narrative of each portrait. Through meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of composition, my goal is to create timeless portraits that resonate with depth and sincerity, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. 

Research and Genre Choice

My research in portrait photography centers on exploring different techniques and improving the images I have taken. In looking into portrait photography editing with Photoshop, I learned the skills that elevated my ability to enhance and refine portraits. I also learned the art of skin retouching, utilizing various tools to achieve a natural and polished look while maintaining authenticity. Mastering color correction and adjustment layers enabled me to fine-tune the overall mood and tone of the images, ensuring a harmonious and visually appealing result. Additionally, I learned posing, lighting, and environmental factors influence the perception of a subject’s personality in portraits. My genre choice for portrait photography is to include different types mainly focused on Traditionals, environmental, candid, and fine art. 

Genre and Photographic Style

Portrait photography encompasses a diverse range of genres, each with its own unique characteristics and purpose. Traditional portraiture focuses on capturing the subject’s likeness with a classical and timeless approach, often emphasizing formal compositions and lighting. Environmental portraits place subjects within their surroundings, providing context and narrative to their story. Candid or lifestyle portraits aim to capture spontaneous moments, portraying authenticity and natural expressions. Fine art portraiture explores creative and artistic expressions, often involving conceptual elements and stylized compositions. Styles can be influenced by factors such as lighting choices, post-processing techniques, and the photographer’s overall artistic vision, ultimately shaping the emotional impact and visual appeal of the portraits created. 


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Editing on photoshop  

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Adobe Photoshop 

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Enchanting and lighting  

HOW I made these PORTRAITS: Complete Workflow including PHOTOGRAPHY, LIGHTROOM and PHOTOSHOP – YouTube 

 I will learn how to enchase eyes, reduce skin Redding and shaping light  

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tutorial – How I take photos outside ( 

I will learn how to work with lighting outside  

How I Edit and Retouch Fashion Portraits – Photoshop Tutorial ( 

I will learn how to work with lighting by using photoshop tools to make image brighter or darker  


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I will learn how to retouch skin and work with different skin tones  

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I will learn how to retouch images that’s outside portrait  

Start to finish Edit (Capture One Pro and PhotoShop) ( 

I will learn how to retouch studio portraits and work with non-natural lighting 

Project Design

My overall project design layout is a gallery design layout. This will include one page on the project tab. Each photo taken will be uploaded to a gallery/collage. To find information about the photo taken for example, f/stop, shutter speed, etc, I will place a link under the photo that shows the information. I will also include a short biography about the model whose portrait I created and how the environment, props, mood of the photo, tells their story. 

Summative Reflection

In my summative reflection I will include the challenges I faced to take the photos, and the things I liked about the photos and how I can make changes to make the image better next time. I will also include things I learned throughout the period and how I can learn from the mistakes I made.