Evaluation 1

Edited and Non-edited Photo

For this imaged the non-edited photo looked washed out. So, I decided to add some color and more tools in photoshop to get the image as it is. by doing this I first started with her hair by making it darker so her face would pop more. I Than brighten her left side of the face to match the right side in lighting. After I used the whitening tool to make her eyes pop in the image and her dress pop by making it more vivid. Next, I use the darken tool to make the background darker which made the green bush and the river in the background more vivid. For this photo I wanted to accomplished telling her story by taking an image of her for her birthday

Trying Photoshop AI!

For this image I wanted to make the moon pop and not blurry. By getting it to not look that way I have decided to test out the photoshop AI tool. first, I selected the whole sky and typed “Add stars to the sky” by typing this the AI tool will generate and give me four different types of stars in the sky. I than choose one I liked. I than wanted to take some of the background of the trees and build out so I select them and typed “field”, or I just taped the generate button which automatically generates that part of the image to match the rest. Next, I added a moon to the sky using AI. For this image I wanted to try something new and use as a test subject for future Portraits I do.