• Manual Mode

    In this project, we used Manual mode for five different subjects. Each subject will have three photos with different light meters ( -1.0, 0.0, 1.0). Fast Shutter Speed Slow Shutter Speed Deep Depth Of Field Shallow Depth Of Field Artistic

  • Silhouette Project

    In this class assignment we learned about silhouette, and how to use objects and lights to make the image that portrays to a silhouette.

  • The Importance of ISO

    In this assignment we learned about ISO and it’s effects on the camera. We took a total seven photos of the same pictures in different ISO. The first set is outdoor and the second set in indoor. Outdoor In this set of photos you can see the photos get lighter instead of darker when changing…

  • Shutter Speed

    In this project, we learned about shutter speed. Having the shutter speed on a higher number will freeze the motion. Having a low shutter speed will blur the photo, creating a sense of speed. In this assignment, we interact with different shutter speeds to see how it affects the photograph on the camera

  • The Importance Of Aperture

    In class we learned aperture (f/stops). For this project we had to take photos of 5 different subjects with different f stops.

  • Life In Color

    I’m this assignment we had to capture photographs with color, and how they bring the picture out more

  • Rules Of Composition Scavenger Hunt

    In this assignment, we had to take seven photographs applying the rules of composition: balancing elements, leading lines, viewpoint, inclusion or exclusion, mergers, and experimentation. Balancing elements/ Formal Balance Balancing elements/ Informal Balance Leading Lines View Point Inclusion and Exclusion Mergers Experimentation Rule of thirds

  • Elements of photography

    During class, we learned about the elements of photography. This blog shows different elements we learned and how we can incorporate them into photography. Each picture is taken by our iPad. LINE LINE TO CREATE MOVEMENT COLOR SHAPE OVERLAPPING SHAPES CONTRAST THROUGH LIGHTING CONTRAST THROUGH COLOR EMPHASIS THROUGH FRAMING EMPHASIS THROUGH FOCUS TEXTURE SPACE

  • Family Heritage

    While working on the family heritage project, i decided to show my family heritage through sports, art, religion, family gatherings, and parties.

  • My World

    My world mainly evolves over five things, my cat, painting, school, basketball, and music. I manage to fit all five into my daily routine. I capture the sense of my day in five photographs using my camera, a Nikon 3500. Some of my photos are candid yet intentional; for example, in the picture of my…

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