• Capstone Project: Evaluation #3

    In my project, I have four models. I have used different strategies to create their portraits using their personality, props, clothes, etc. My biggest struggle in making the portraits was editing them. Some images had terrible lighting, and editing the lighting in Photoshop was a struggle, but I managed to watch tutorials on how to…

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  • Capstone Project Blog #2

    My goal for this image was to change the lighting. Initially, the photo looks very dull, and there is not much light on her face where you can see her expression. So, for this image, I lighten her face in Photoshop and the balloons to make it pop. I also lightened her dress to give…

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  • Evaluation 1

    Edited and Non-edited Photo For this imaged the non-edited photo looked washed out. So, I decided to add some color and more tools in photoshop to get the image as it is. by doing this I first started with her hair by making it darker so her face would pop more. I Than brighten her…

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