Capstone Project Evaluation #2

I’ve made progress on my proposal by doing lots of research and trying different techniques on night photography and nature photography.  

This is my recent nature photo. I’ve been doing way better in nature photography than I was last year. My goal for this photo was to make the color pop more. The camera settings are ISO is 100, f-stop is 5.6 and the shutter speed is 1/160.


Here is a photo from last year and you can see I improved from last year. This photo looks too dark and dull, it also isn’t focused. 

This is my recent night photography photo. You can see I’m struggling with night photography settings; I can’t get the camera to focus.  I’m trying to put my focus more on night photography because that’s what I’m struggling more with. My camera settings are, ISO is 800, my f-stop is 5.6 and my shutter speed is 1/15.  

I’ve been using a tripod to capture my night photography photos. I had some troubles with using my tripod but with the help from my teacher and resources I figured out how to properly use it. Overall, I’m doing good with nature photography but still struggling with night photography settings.