Capstone Project Blog post 3

I’ve been improving in my night photography and nature photography pictures using all my resources has helped so much. I still can’t get the right settings on the camera for night photography, but I approached it in a different way and started using my phone for night photos and got a couple good shots. I will still do some more research and figure out what settings work best.

This is one of my night photography photos that I captured on my phone. My goal for this photo was to capture the silhouette of the palm trees. I learned that putting the exposure down before taking the picture makes the silhouette of the palm trees pop out more. I adjusted the exposure and made it lower, but I also adjusted the way I took the picture because I didn’t want to get the houses near me in the picture. The camera settings are ISO 32, f-stop 18 and the shutter speed is 1/200. I took this photo in my backyard around 8pm.

This is my nature photo. I took this photo at sea camp in the morning. My goal for this photo was to show the petals on this flower because they look very pretty and remind me of pearls on a necklace because of the color. I learned how to capture a photo at a good time because it was really windy, and the flower wouldn’t stay still so I had to time this photo and try many times to get a good one. I adjusted the exposure and put it down to get the texture of the Leafs and petals. The camera settings were ISO 32, f-stop 18 and shutter speed 1/6400.